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Kayla P.

Kayla Paulson
A dear close friend of mine is finally graduating high school. I couldn't be more proud of the amazing young woman that she is turning into. 
Congratulations Kayla!

Aanna and Aaron

Aanna and Aaron
The love that these two have is absolutely beautiful, Aaron leaves for basic soon and there's nothing better than to leave these two with some pictures!


Makayla's senior photos turned out amazing! My favorites are the ones where she's laughing and catching that moment just right.

The Queener Family

The young man I have known for a long time is finally starting a growing family:)
Joel, Macie and their little 10-month-old Jonah!
My favorite little family.

Kayla + Joe 2

I love horses and I actually got to photograph a horse!  Well, to be honest, I was photographing an engagement session an my fabulous couple wanted their horse to be part of the photographs.  These two are great--you can see how much Joe loves her when he looks at her.  And Kayla's blue, blue eyes.  Wow.